How to apply to Samuel Ward Academy

All applications must be made using the appropriate form as there is no automatic right to a place at a local school so a form must be completed otherwise you will not get a place. For the normal year of entry admission (year 6 transfer from Primary school) the local authority will provide information through the Primary school which gives details of the process, the form, dates and deadlines for application, however you can get all this information from You can also contact them on 0345 600 0981. You must submit forms to Suffolk County Council (SCC) admissions not to Samuel Ward Academy directly.

If you are making an in-year application (not a year 6 transfer from Primary school) then you will need a different form (ADM1) which is also available from Suffolk County Council. However, you are still able to apply for a school place’. If a parent does not apply and receive a refusal letter, they then have no grounds to make an appeal and then may feel discouraged in applying in the first instance.

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Transition from Primary School

We know that transferring to “big school” can be both a daunting and exciting time for Students and we try to make this experience as positive as we possibly can.

Once you have been given a place at Samuel Ward Students and Parents will be invited for an informal interview with senior members of staff. This helps us find out about the individual student. We can explain what will change for them, answer any questions and address any worries as well as get to know them a little. This process is helped along by the pupil passport the Student will have already filled in while at their current school and helps to form the discussion. We are interested in what Students enjoy as well as what they don’t, how they work best, how they react when things go wrong and what skills interests and hobbies they have outside School. We believe in working in partnership with families and feel we want to understand the big picture of each individual.

We also work closely with our feeder Primary Schools. We meet all the year 6 teachers as a group to discuss how we will transfer information and to book appointments for some of our specialist staff to visit some pupils in the primary setting to ensure we best meet their individual needs. Our Special needs co-ordinator visits each school to ensure our staff can be as prepared as possible to help make a smooth transition.

During April each primary school transfers information on achievement to us to help us design the best curriculum to suit different groups of pupils and we use this and interview information to create tutor groups with learning coaches who will support pupils as they transfer to Samuel Ward.

Some pupils who are especially anxious about the change will be offered the opportunity to experience some taster sessions at Samuel Ward with key staff whom they will come across in their time here.

To further the smooth transition we always induct pupils in the last week of the summer term so that they meet teachers, experience their new timetable and start making new friends. During this week there is also a parents meeting where Parents can meet the new learning coach and discuss any worries.