We believe that enrichment opportunities are an essential part of your child’s education. That is why we expect your child to choose from over 60 activities that take place in the last session of the school day on a Tuesday and Thursday. The range is vast, encompassing everything from coding to cupcake decorating, Languages to Lego and Drama to Dodgeball. Through enrichment comes the confidence borne of trying something new, of broadened experiences and of a wider set of friendships. Enrichment encourages teamwork, competition and resilience. It also develops leadership.
At Samuel Ward, we also have an intentional focus on the development of leadership skills, with pupils being able to take part in a wide range of opportunities that encompass School Ambassadors, Language Leaders, the Duke of Edinburgh  Award and the Key Stage Forums. We recognise and accredit the development of these skills, along with a number of others, in the MidBacc Award, the completion of which requires pupils to reflect on their learning and in doing so make clear the steps that they have taken.

In the attached documents you will be able to view all of the enrichment clubs available for students to attend this academic year.