Leadership Team
Mr A Hunter Headteacher
Dr K Geall Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Science
Mr S Sumner Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of English
Mrs D Fenwick SENDCO
Miss J Powell Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr P Butterworth Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Mathematics and Data & Assessment Manager
Miss K Cavilla Perkins Assistant Headteacher, Head of Geography & Lead Practitioner
Miss D Hopkins Assistant Headteacher, Head of 6th Form & Teacher of Art & Media Studies
Teaching Staff
Miss N Bailey Teacher of Science
Mr K Bath Teacher of Science
Miss T Bennett Head of Year 9 & Teacher of Food and Nutrition
Miss G Bevan Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Bourne Head of KS3 Languages
Miss G Bramhall Teacher of Geography
Mrs D Braverman Teacher of History
Ms A Burns Head of Film & Media studies
Mrs J Chipps Head of Science & Lead Practitioner
Mrs M Cowlin Teacher of Religious Studies & Citizenship
Mrs J Cowlin Teacher of Science
Mr K Fidell Teacher of PE
Mrs C Field Teacher of PE
Mr S Field Teacher of Design Technology
Miss T Fisher Teacher of Science
Miss F George Head of History
Mr J Grover Head of Religious Studies, PSHE & Citizenship
Mr A Guinivan Head of Visual Arts, Photography & Art teacher.
Mrs S Hanagan Teacher Art & Media
Mr D Harwood Head of Photography & Teacher of Art
Mr A Heinrich Teacher of Science
Mr C Hogg Teacher of History & Deputy Head of HC6
Mrs S Holmes Head of Languages, Teacher of French & German
Mr M Inkson Teacher of Physics
Miss S Ireland Teacher of PE , Associate Senior Leader
Mrs D Jackson Assistant Head of Year 9 & KS3 Teacher of English
Mr K Jones Teacher of Design Technology
Miss I Joyce Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L King Teacher of Mathematics
Miss P Kirby-Smith Teacher of French and Head of Brunel House
Miss V Lawson Teacher or English
Miss P Letts Head of Year 10 & Teacher of English
Miss G Lindsey-Swaffield Teacher of English
Mr B Maltby Teacher of Psychology & Deputy Head of HC6
Mrs T Menhinick Head of History & Leadership Development Co-ordinator (Currently on maternity leave)
Mr M Morrison Head of PE and Teacher of Mathematics
Miss T Mountford Teacher of Science & Head of Darwin House
Ms S Nicoll Teacher of English
Mrs J Nichols Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs C Osborne Teacher of Geography & Computer Science
Mr R Palmer Teacher of Geography
Miss D Phillips Teacher of Music
Mr E Pickerin Teacher of PE & Geography and Head of Cavell House
Ms H Priory Teacher of History
Mr T Radford Head of Music
Mr S Rann Head of Design Technology
Miss W Renee Teacher of Geography
Mrs O Rudkin Teacher of English & Literacy Co-ordinator
Ms C Sankey Teacher of MFL
Mr T Sari Second in department for PE
Mrs E Sheehan Teacher of English
Mrs N Spiers Teacher of English
Miss D Stevens Head of Year 11 & Teacher of History
Mr C Stiff Teacher of Science
Miss K Tharby Teacher of PE & Public Services
Mrs H Utteridge Teacher of Languages and Business
Mrs J Warner Teacher of Mathematics and Director of Research
Mr T Warner Teacher of Mathematics & Business
Miss L Welsh Teacher of Mathematics, Lead practitioner & Research Scholar
Mr N Williams Head of Art & Design
Mr P Wilson Head of Mathematics, Teacher of Business
Miss R Woodward Teacher of Mathematics
Support Staff
Mr J Allen Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Anderson Support Assistant for 'The Study'
Mrs B Archer Food Technician
Mrs L Baker Office Assistant
Mrs A Barnes Attendance Officer
Mrs W Bennett Learning Support Assistant
Mr R Bennett Design and Communications Manager & Photography Instructor
Miss J Bush Head of Year 7 and Drama Instructor
Mrs M Coe Deputy Safeguarding Lead & 6th Form Inclusion Officer & Attendance
Mr J Cohen DT Technician
Mrs T Craig School Receptionist
Mrs S Cripps Head of Year 8_Inclusion officer for Year 8
Mr R Daines Caretaker
Mr A Davis Caretaker
Mrs C Eden Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Efford Office Assistant
Mrs A Elmer Office Assistant
Miss M Everitt Cover Supervisor
Mr M Farrant Reprographics
Mrs D Flipo Learning Support Assistant
Mr H Ford Inclusion Officer Year 11
Mrs K Franks PA to the Headteacher
Miss W Giddins Finance Assistant
Mrs L Hartwell School Receptionist
Miss V Hayes Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Hunte Cover Supervisor
Ms R Jarvis Co-ordinator of 'The Study'
Mrs W Jeffery Office Manager
Mrs C Keeble Counsellor
Miss A Lane Learning Resources Co-ordinator
Mrs E Lawrence Science Technician
Mrs S Lynch Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Marshall Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J McGlue Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss A Nash Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Pawley Inclusion Officer Year 10
Mrs H Power Counsellor
Mrs J Rondeau Deputy SENDCO
Miss C Rush Office Assistant
Miss A Shelmerdine Lead Science Technician
Mrs J Singleton Careers Practitioner
Miss G Skipper Health and Social Instructor
Mrs N Smithson Assistant Head of Year 9 & Maths Instructor
Mr W Taylor SIMS Systems Manager
Ms L Taylor Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Vaiksnyte Cover Supervisor / Teacher of Sociology
Mrs Wallace Food & Technology Technician
Miss G Wheeler Inclusion Officer Year 7
Mrs R Wilkie Examinations Officer
Mr J Wilkie Science Technician
Mrs H Wilkinson Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Wilson Higher Level Teaching Assistant