The role of the Ambassadors is wide ranging.  They are active members of the School Council and contribute views on school events, policies and ideas.  The Ambassadors observe lessons and provide feedback to the Senior Management Team and they sit on the interview panel for potential new members of staff.  The Ambassadors have input into decisions that will make a difference to how we do things in the future and are helping to shape the future of the school.

The Ambassadors are the public face of Samuel Ward representing us at school functions, such as the Open Evening, and outside events and showing prospective parents and visitors around the school.  They reinforce the positive image of the school in the local community.  Perhaps the most important role they have is to provide a positive role model for other pupils.

The selection process is tough.  Pupils have to complete a two-page application form detailing why they want to be an Ambassador and what they think they can bring to the position.  Just as in a normal job application a reference is required from their tutor.  The Head Boy and Head Girl for each house review the applications and all the applicants are invited to an interview.  After the interview process, the Head Boy and Girl decide who to appoint.  The Ambassadors are appointed for a one year term but they can reapply the following year.

There are many benefits to becoming an Ambassador.  Pupils enjoy being able to express their views on the Student Council, represent the school at events, meet visitors and observe lessons. The role enhances their CV and helps them to develop their communication skills and confidence levels.