Samuel Ward Schools Partnership Formed in 2011 and is currently an alliance of nine partner and associated schools. Grounded firmly in the localities and communities that its member schools serve, the Partnership is dedicated to further improving the breadth of experiences, quality of teaching and range of opportunities available to the young people in the area. To this end, the Partnership schools have adopted a number of core principles. Partner institutions aim to work together in a way that:

  • Supports all member schools in providing high quality education
  • Creates a coherent and harmonised educational journey for students through their
  • School years, particularly at transition points
  • Facilitates the sharing of teaching & learning expertise and best practice between Partnership schools
  • Facilitates the sharing of leadership & management expertise between Partnership schools
  • Maximises the impact of the strengths of individual schools across the cluster of schools
  • Procures educational services on a scale and/or at a cost that would be unachievable by a school working alone

Past examples of the types of initiatives that have been implemented by the Samuel Ward Schools Partnership are: 

  • The provision of additional mathematics lessons for pupils aiming for level 6 at KS3
  • A range of ‘Experience Days’ where primary pupils engage, learn and have fun with the staff and facilities of Samuel Ward Academy
  • Joint professional development days and a range of teacher development courses, including the nationally recognised Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • A number of cost saving initiatives that mean that more of each school’s budget can be spent where it matters; on supporting pupils to learn better

The Schools and Academies that make up the partnership are as follows:

  • Samuel Ward Academy
  • Churchill Special Free School
  • Westfield Primary School
  • Kedington Primary Academy
  • Coupals Primary School
  • New Cangle Primary School
  • Wickhambrook Primary School
  • Hundon Primary School
  • Thurlow Church of England Primary School Associated schools
  • Clare Primary School
  • Steeple Bumpstead
  • St Felix RC

The Partnership Office is based at Samuel Ward Academy.